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3D Illustration comes of age. Image renders as stock photography.

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3 drunk aliens

3 drunk aliens

I was recently combing through the user gallery on Luxology’s website. I am constantly amazed at the creativity of others. I’ve taken an increasing interest in 3D as stock photography, photo-real renders are becoming the norm. There have been many occasions looking through scripts, where I can instantly see the advantage/application. Cast photos for one example, how many times have we had to suffer through forcing bad photoshop upon a scripted scene because there is not enough time or budget for a photo shoot? Or begging producers for a little extra money to get the perfect image from a stock photo library, only to settle for what’s available.

So much of our work is already available for this use, many set plans are already created in 3D software. It’s a short jump to repurpose the assets for an application such as this.

I experienced genuine joy from this artists work (click through for hi-res), I hope you will too. Don’t miss the making of video on Vimeo for the breakdown of how it was achieved.



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