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Art Directors Guild Archive video cotillion

I recall sitting at the last archive committee meeting at the ADG. I was so excited, a bit like an overexcited dog wagging its tail wildly, so much so that it knocks things over around the house. Yep, that’s me. But with good reason – there are amazing things happening there. To be in touch (literally) with film history in such a primary way has been thrilling. I imagine it would be for even a casual cinephile, but for someone engaged in filmmaking as a profession it is an order of magnitude more so. Consider just a minuscule sample of recent discoveries:

  • Drawings of Warner Bros. backlot and the Hello, Dolly! Street
  • Original set drawings for Roots
  • Robert Boyle’s research files
  • Vintage Fortune, Vogue, National Geographic and Life magazines
  • David Hall’s illustrations for The Greatest Story Every Told (1965)
  • Film stills for early films from the 1910’s and other films that are considered lost

The archive is shaping up to be all we imagined and more. It promises to be a resource that welcomes all researchers alike, whether they be members, potential members, non-members or students.

I do hope my fellow colleagues and guild members take advantage of what’s on offer. In order to encourage just that, keep an eye on this blog for more inside information from the ADG archives!

And don’t forget to frequent the flickr photo stream

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