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Art Directors Guild Emerging Technology Expo 2017 recap

I’m pleased to announce that the sessions that were recorded from the Emerging Technologies Expo held in March are now available on the Art Directors Guild Ustream Channel, you can find the links below. Also of note, I attended the VR LA Expo in April, which reinforced my focus on the need to adapt for our […]

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VR LA 2017 round-up

VR LA Report I approached this year’s VR LA Expo held at the LA convention center with a focus on VR as a design tool. The show floor featured booths from technology companies such as Intel which showed off a partnership with the Smithsonian that mimicked the experience of visiting a Washington DC wing of […]

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Colorway – for the art directors toolkit

I always get a bit excited when I come across tools that enhance design process. A tool, widget or device that, once applied to our workflow, offers an opportunity to hide the process and get to the heart of design. Design is largely about rapid iteration, finding what works from the ether of ideation. The […]

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On the trail of 3D printing

An exhibitors booth at the 2013 Pacific Design & Manufacturing show in Anaheim 3d printing has long been on my radar. The applications for filmmaking are numerous and on obvious. Sadly, 3D printing at the kind of scale required to have a bearing on set design and construction is still very much in it’s research and development […]

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The Origins of CAD

A fascinating, but brief article on the history of CAD. Factoid: AutoCAD just implemented features that were available in software 47 years ago. 50 Years of CAD  

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3D Illustration comes of age. Image renders as stock photography.

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I was recently combing through the user gallery on Luxology’s website. I am constantly amazed at the creativity of others. I’ve taken an increasing interest in 3D as stock photography, photo-real renders are becoming the norm. There have been many occasions looking through scripts, where I can instantly see the advantage/application. Cast photos for one […]

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Flashforward: The ‘Somali tower’

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Global blackout hardware.

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Combatives Posters

I solved the problem of hard-to-find illustrations by creating them from scratch in 3D.

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