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The Origins of CAD

A fascinating, but brief article on the history of CAD. Factoid: AutoCAD just implemented features that were available in software 47 years ago. 50 Years of CAD  

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Dazzle ships

My first concert at age 14 was The Thompson Twins, with O.M.D. I remember being struck by the cover art for O.M.D.’s 4th album, Dazzle Ships as a teen. Although the tracks on that album were too Kraftwerk-ian compared to the saccharine hits from their ’85 release Crush, for my tastes at the time. Today a facebook friend […]

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Donaldson’s Corporate Identity

A corporate identity created for ‘The Promotion’. A brief video explains:  

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Combatives Posters

I solved the problem of hard-to-find illustrations by creating them from scratch in 3D.

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