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Credited as: Graphic Artist
Production Designer: Derek Hill

Plot Outline:¬†Television favorite Heather Locklear (“Spin City”) returns to primetime — full-time — in this off-beat dramatic series centered in a world unto itself: a major international airport. Security breaches, tearful reunions, illegal immigrants, missing children, runaway animals, drug busts, drunken pilots — there are countless stories to tell in “LAX.” Whether it’s the ongoing power struggle between the Airfield Chief (Locklear) and the Terminal Manager (Blair Underwood, “L.A. Law”), the romantic misadventures of the Airline Supervisor Tony (Paul Leyden, “As the World Turns”) or the trial-by-fire of a young, naive Immigration Office clerk Nick (David Paetkau, “Final Destination 2”), viewers will be pulled into this unique world. Then there are the passengers, loading, unloading and passing through each episode. Each week will feature their compelling dramas — from chance encounters between strangers to surprise reunions of long-lost lovers to – “the sky’s the limit.” Wendy Hoopes (“Daria”), Chad Todhunter (“Party of Five”) and Frank John Hughes (“Band of Brothers”) also star. “LAX” is from NBC Universal Television. Mark Gordon and writer Nick Thiel are the executive producers. Joe and Anthony Russo (“Lucky”) directed the pilot.

Created by:
Nick Thiel

Cast Overview:
Heather Locklear …. Harley Random
Blair Underwood …. Roger De Souza
Paul Leyden …. Tony Magulia
Frank John Hughes …. Henry Engels
Wendy Hoopes …. Betty
David Paetkau …. Nick

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