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Soul Survivors

Soul Survivors
Credited as: Art Department Coordinator
Production Designer: Larry Fulton
Art Director: Keith Cunningham

Notes: The Goth-Rave scene was shot at the Uptown Theatre, veteran of other films such as Backdraft. What a cool place – even in its state of decay. One could sense the magnificence that it once held as a movie palace. Incidentally, this was my first job as Art Department Coordinator.

Plot Outline: A co-ed is caught between the world of the living and the dead.

Directed by:
Stephen Carpenter

Cast overview:
Melissa Sagemiller …. Cassie
Wes Bentley …. Matt
Casey Affleck …. Sean
Eliza Dushku …. Annabel
Angela Featherstone …. Raven
Luke Wilson …. Jude
Allen Hamilton …. Dr. Haverston
Ken Moreno …. Hideous Dancer
Carl Paoli …. Deathmask
Barbara E. Robertson …. Margaret
Richard Pickren …. Ben
Candace Kroslak …. Cool Blond
Ryan Kitley …. Young Cop
Rick Snyder …. Father McManus
Danny Goldberg (II) …. Campus Cop