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The Weather Man


The Weather Man
Credited as: Graphic Artist
Prod. Designer: Tom Duffield

Plot Outline:
“The Weather Man,” which will star Nic Cage, Michael Caine and Hope Davis, and be directed by Gore Verbinski, is the story of sad sack, stuck-in-the-fog-of-disappointment Dave Spritz (né Dave Spritzel). He has nominal success — a well-paying, easy job as the local news station’s weatherman — but he has just arrived at a point in his life where he’s looking around and seeing that he’s failed at everything that matters to him: he’s laid waste to the relationships in his life. To his ex-wife, who is now dating another man; to his two children; and to his novelist father. On the eve of what could be a huge career move, he fights to mend all the broken bonds.
Directed by
Gore Verbinski

Cast overview:
Nicolas Cage …. Dave Spritz
Michael Caine …. Robert Spritz
Hope Davis …. Noreen Spritz
Gemmenne de la Peña …. Shelly
Nicholas Hoult …. Mike
Michael Rispoli …. Russ
Judith McConnell …. Lauren
David Darlow …. Robert’s Friend

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