The online mien of Benjamin Nowicki


(Studios USA/CBS TV)
Credited as: Graphic Artist
Production Designer: Jim Pohl


Turks was my first job as a Graphic Artist. This was also my first experience with episodic television. I worked on the pilot and twelve additional episodes. The show was a mid-season replacement that was not picked up for the subsequent season. The pace was always brisk, and from minutia to major set pieces, there were graphics galore. The multitude of projects that I worked on included everything from exterior signage, identification badges,visual displays, labels, photo composites, pamphlets,posters, magazines, and more signage! In addition to on-set graphics, there were other projects, an example of which was a website to help the writers see the layout of the main set. Much of this graphics work was done in-house for next-to-nothing. The Designer, Jim Pohl, really knew how to stretch a buck. I’ll always be grateful to him for taking a chance on me and for raising the bar for all of us, with confidence that we could reach it.

Created by: Robert Singer

Cast Overview:

William Devane … Sergeant Joseph Turk
David Cubitt … Mike Turk
Matthew John Armstrong … Joey Turk
Michael Muhney … Paul Turk
Helen Carey … Mary Turk