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What Women Want

What Women Want
Credited as: Art Department Coordinator (Chicago)
Production Designer:Jon Hutman
Art Director: Gae Buckley


Notes: Roger Ebert’s print review mentions the art dept. by name: “The look and feel of the movie is just right. The set for the ad agency’s office is inviting and seems lived-in. Inspired by Chicago’s 19th century Monadnock Building, it looks plausible as an ad agency headquarters and allows sight lines that are important to the action. Great work by production designer Jon Hutman, set decorator Rosemary Brandenburg and art directors Gae Buckley and Tony Fanning, and if you wonder why I list their names, you’ll know when you see their work.”

Plot Outline: Nick is an egotistic, rich, businessman who lives in New York. When his work is run by a woman, Darcy, who believes that they should “think like women”, during an accident, Nick finds out he has the ability to hear what women think. At first, he thinks of it as a curse hearing even what poodles think. After visiting his psychiatrist (Bette Midler), she convinces him that he could take advantage of his gift. Using it, he manipulates his boss by giving all of Darcy’s ideas as his own. But then he falls in love with Darcy and he suddenly loses his gift.

Directed by:
Nancy Meyers

Cast overview:
Mel Gibson …. Nick Marshall
Helen Hunt …. Darcy McGuire
Marisa Tomei …. Lola
Alan Alda …. Dan Wanamaker
Ashley Johnson (I) …. Alexandra ‘Alex’ Marshall
Mark Feuerstein …. Morgan Farwell
Lauren Holly …. Gigi
Delta Burke …. Eve
Valerie Perrine …. Margo
Judy Greer …. Erin
Sarah Paulson …. Annie
Ana Gasteyer …. Sue Cranston
Lisa Edelstein …. Dina
Loretta Devine …. Flo, the Doorwoman
Diana-Maria Riva …. Stella