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A street ends with an enormous blue screen on the Globo backlot.

A street ends with an enormous blue screen on the Globo backlot.

I’m currently working on a full write-up of my trip to Brazil. But in the mean time I wanted to share a little of the experience from an art director’s perspective.

I had a chance to visit the Globo backlot while there. Nestled into a rise above a valley, surrounded by jutting rock formations covered in vegetation, it is the only backlot in Brazil as I understand it. It was wonderful. (for those not in the know, Globo is the 800 pound gorilla media company that dominates the broadcast landscape in Brazil.)

I can’t tell you how I love empty backlots. The sound of the wind blowing the dressed-in laundry on clothes lines – faded by the sun, the creaking of a window hinge. Neatly arranged dead flowers left to rot in the jungle heat in a flower shop storefront set. The spongey give of a rain soaked “concrete” stairway. The street abruptly ending at a 50′ bluescreen. The compactness of it, designed in such a way as to convey a space much larger. Blind corners reveal whole new environments, camera ready for easy set-ups. Nothing quite compares to the ghost-town experience, the wonderful soundscape of a backlot. Sublime.

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  1. rachel

    Love your video. Makes me want to go! I do travel videos for fun under travel4zen on youtube too. Can’t wait to hear more about Brazil too. I leave for Tulum soon. Ever been there?

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