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In case any ADG members happen to notice that there’s a new member on the STG craft council, and find this post I thought I’d write a statement regarding what I bring to the table:

In an increasingly globalized business, the Guild faces challenges from competition abroad, breakneck technological change, the labor environment under siege.

But I see hope. Among our ranks are some of the most creative minds in the world. There are no problems we cannot find dynamic solutions for if we remain united. However, to remain an elite organization and competitive in our industry we must recognize that the status quo is our enemy. The world in which we work today bears little resemblance to the studio era past; we must let go of calcified thinking.

I feel we set the standard for the world. We should set our shoulders back and, with grace and poise, unapologetically own it. Let’s define the standard for the industry as a whole in the use of innovative materials and technology. Let us be the ones who interface with the up-and-coming software developers, thereby having our name in their marketing materials as a prestige organization helping to define standards. Let the Guild be the one to initiate a committee to bring the disparate industry archives and libraries together to tackle the issues and pool resources. Our membership should establish international outreach, being the organization that other industries around the world turn to to define the standard, to be thought of the as the art department, not just for Hollywood, but for the world. It’s very possible to step into the breach and be the touchstone for the international community. Maybe we have booths at international film markets and festivals? Offer a “Designed By Conference” with panels from our membership in other communities – India? Dubai? Brazil? – in essence, opening new avenues for income for our membership at all levels.

As a founding member of the Archive Committee, I also understand the importance of preserving our past. I feel that the Guild’s archive initiative can function as a stratagem to improve unity, as a meeting place of proud tradition and forward thinking, with members across generations working together to preserve, perfect, and propel our crafts into the future. To that end I will continue to pursue my goals in that forum, some of which include:

  • Defining best practices for our industry in digital asset management.
  • Working to preserve the ADG’s collected knowledge for the future.
  • Establishing a materials library containing samples of innovative and new materials. For an example of what this might look like, take a look here:
  •  Exploring new avenues of income for our membership, leveraging the Art Directors Guild brand through stock illustration and photo libraries.

There is an astonishing amount of human capital at the ADG, and I am often humbled by the talent around me. I beam with pride in belonging to something bigger than myself, like the Guild and this industry, which has meant so much to me in my life as a movie lover and film maker. I appreciate any encouragement to continue my work with the ADG. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Your New Scenic, Title, and Graphic Artists Council Member

  1. Mike Denering

    Ben, so glad that you are on the council. You are representing an area that has been lacking a voice for awhile. I look forward to you ideas and your involvement in future guild projects.

  2. Jack Fisk

    Welcome to the guild Benjamin! I love your enthusiasm and ideas – like a breath of fresh air.

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